Steamed Fish with Mayonnaise

Steamed Fish with Mayonnaise is a colorful fish dish that looks really lively. Have you tried or seen this dish before? To e, it resembles a festive celebration, although the fish is quite simple. I used a large grouper for this recipe, but you can also use other fish varieties.

How to Cook Steamed Fish with Mayonnaise

This recipe makes use of red snapper. I started to prepare the fish by rubbing salt in the inside. It was also stuffed with scallions and ginger to reduce the fishy flavor and aroma.

Here are some pointers before starting with the recipe:

  • Make sure that the fish is thoroughly cleaned
    • Innards should be removed
    • Gills should also be removed
    • Scrape all the scales off the fish
    • Wash with water
  • Have a steamer ready. It should be wide enough to accommodate the fish.

Now that your fish is cleaned and prepared, the next step is steaming it until fully cooked. If you will watch the video below, you’ll notice that I made-use of an improvised steamer. I did this because there is no steamer in my kitchen that is large and wide enough to fit the fish. Steam between 35 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the fish.

Make the mayo dressing and spread it over the fish. Decorate the fish using the topping ingredients. This is where you get artistic. I am sure that I can do better on this part.

I enjoy eating this with saltine crackers. I don’t think that this pairs well with rice. However, you can always improvise by preparing a “toyomansi” (soy sauce and calamansi) dipping sauce so that it can be enjoyed better with rice.

Steamed fish with scallions is also something simple that you can prepare anytime.

Try this Steamed Fish with Mayonnaise Recipe. Happy cooking!

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